Welcome to arearugs2u.com!

Hi, I’m planning to make this a comprehensive resource on the internet for area rugs of all types, designs, dimensions, and materials. There are an almost infinite array of different rugs you can purchase for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Each room in the house has different needs and requirements and necessitates a different set of selection criteria for the best possible area rug. For instance in a cozy living room you might want something with a deep pile and bright colors. However, in the bathroom you probably want something rugged and water resistant (a bamboo rug comes to mind in this case). Of course, once you’ve decided on a material, you still have to figure out a color palette, a design, dimensions, what sort of rug backing you need. You get the idea. The list of considerations goes on essentially forever.

My plan is to create a series of blog posts which will address particular rooms of the house, particular types of area rugs, popular rug designs, and any other interesting new way to think about how to select the best rug for your home. I don’t manufacture or sell any rugs, this is a purely informational blog. If manufacturers eventually contact me (I’m not that big yet!) then maybe I’ll have a page of resources letting you know which rug makers are the best, and where you can get the products.

Depending on how much time and energy have to devote to the blog, I might also branch out into other furniture options that are paired with whatever rug you select. Since the rug is the central focus of many rooms, a particular rug choice might lend itself to different selections of furniture, or different materials of furniture that pair well with the rug. For instance, I would love to do a bathroom design that is all environmentally friendly bamboo. From the bath mat, to the towels, to the accessory holder. Everything in health and environmentally conscious bamboo would be a wonderful way to wake up every morning!

That’s all for the introduction. I’ll be back soon with details on various area rugs, bathroom mats, runners, kitchen rugs. Everything I can think of!